Glass Extensions and Wintergardens by Solarlux

Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, light all year round

Wintergarden in summer with bifold doors

Glass Extensions and Wintergardens by Solarlux

Bringing the Outside Inside

Glass Extensions and Wintergardens by Solarlux

Bringing the Outside Inside



Contemporary Conservatories, Glass Boxes and Orangeries

Fresh air in the summer, warmth in the winter, light all year round.

Wintergarden is a contemporary aluminium or timber/aluminium system which brings light and extra space into your home. It can be used to create a stand-alone room, or to extend an existing room. It's high thermal efficiency means you can use your living space all year round, while the use of bi-folding doors brings you closer to nature.

Heat Insulated

The Solarlux Wintergarden has high levels of thermal efficiency, with low U-values, which allow it to be used all year round and become part of your everyday living space, even in the coldest weather. The use of bifolding doors or sliding doors allow you to open up your space in warm weather and help it to stay cool. There are also optional ventilation and shading systems including powered and climate-controlled options.

Impressive Solarlux quality — built to order in Germany

  • Glazing options with sound insulation, sun protection, burglar-resistance and self-cleaning features
  • Optional blinds or powered awning, sun & rain protection, climate controlled features.
  • Expansive, barrier-free access to the garden
  • Wide variety of possible designs for perfect integration into your home
  • Aluminium or timber/aluminium
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes
  • All Solarlux products are guaranteed "Made in Germany".


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Custom Built to Your Imagination

Wintergardens are custom-built in Germany and can be made to a wide variety of shapes, sizes and configurations.

These are just some of the ways you can specify your wintergarden.

Customise your Wintergarden

Electric Ventilation System

Powered opening panels in the roof create ventilation at the push of a button.

AwningShade system

Even optimally heat-insulated wintergardens can become too warm in strong sunshine. High-quality shade systems provide the solution. Power-operated awnings, which catch the sun's rays before they hit the glass surfaces, provide effective exterior shade. Interior shade systems, such as roller and pleated blinds and canopies, are also available.

Wind and temperature sensors automatically control the shade system.

Wintergarden Awning animationHeating

Harsh, unpleasant weather really brings out the value of the protected comfort of your wintergarden, and cosy hours spent overlooking the snow-covered garden are a delight. Surprisingly little heating energy is required to create comfortable temperatures, even on cold days. Fireplaces and tiled stoves, as well as underfloor heating, radiators and underfloor convection systems can easily be integrated into the wintergarden.


Well-positioned light sources create a cosy ambience. Lightstrips with integrated low-voltage lights, fitted under the individual rafters, are a subtle yet effective solution. A range of spotlights, halogen lights and star spotlights, all equipped with dimmable transformers, are available.


Automatic controls offer maximum convenience: thanks to a reliable, highly sensitive automation module — not only the ventilation but also the shade and lighting can be automatically controlled.

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Choose your Product Version

Solarlux Wintergarden Akzent Plus

Akzent Plus

The Classic Choice

  • Structural members on outside to create almost flat internal ceiling
  • 100mm rafter width, making larger roof dimensions possible
  • Diverse design options and special roof forms possible
  • Lightstrips with recessed lights available


Solarlux Avantgarde


The Natural Choice

  • As a natural material, wood helps create a warm, relaxed, atmosphere
  • Rafter widths from 60mm (according to structural requirements)
  • Versatile design options
  • Individual lighting systems possible


Solarlux Wintergarden Nobiles


The Elegant Choice

  • Structural members on inside to create a flush external profile
  • 65mm rafter width tapered to only 36mm, notched rafter heads
  • Slim interior rafter sections create a floating construction for maximum light. Suitable for individual lighting systems
  • Expansive, barrier-free access to the garden


Akzent Vision

The Extraordinary Choice

  • Structural technical details internally serve as design highlights
  • Rafter width of only 60mm
  • Slim design with visible cable bracings and stainless steel components for maximum transparency

Why Solarlux?

Fully Manufactured in Germany
They are constructed whole in Germany, complete with frame, doors, glazing and ironmongery, ready-hung for installation. Each door is custom-made to your size and requirements.

High Performance
Solarlux glazing products are precision engineered to a class-leading standard. For example, the bifold doors are independently tested to 1200PA (approximately 100 mph) and remain water-tight beyond that. The SL80 has been tested to failure at 3000Pa (a typical tropical hurricane is about 2400Pa).

Thermal Insulation
All Solarlux products are are thermally broken on the whole system, including the threshold. The class-leading U-values are provided on the whole unit, not just the door panels, so that you know exactly what you are getting. U-values range from 1.4 for the standard SL60e with double glazing down to 0.79 for the SL79 with triple glazing (subject to specification).

Solarlux take security very seriously, and all models are tested to the rigourous European RC2 standard. The SL60 and SL80 bifold doors also have Secure by Design, a British standard created by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Some manufacturers require evidence of a rigorous maintenance regime to qualify for warranty. Spectrum provide a no-quibble Solarlux-backed warranty. As one of the elite Solarlux 'Aktiv Partners', we are also able to offer an enhanced warranty.

You expect your bifold doors to slide effortlessly from the day one. But you also want them to be equally effortless 10 years later. The stresses on a bifold door are considerable — and only doors engineered to such a high standard will last the distance. Solarlux doors are tested to 20,000 cycles — the equivalent to opening twice a day, every day for 27 years!

Passive House
The Solarlux SL97 has a U-value down to 0.79 and meets the standard for Passive House installations.


We'll do everything we can to make your project our best yet!