High Performance Timber/Aluminium Composite Windows.
U-values down to 0.6 (Passivhaus)

Internorm's legendary innovation and engineering plus the knowledge and experience of one of Internorm's elite 'Gold Level' 1st Window Partners is an irrisistible combination

Passivhaus Windows

High-performance passive house windows are an essential part of the Passive House standard. The requirement for Passive House is that the windows must have a Uw value of not more than 0.8 W/(m²K), plus it must have options for Solar Gain coatings and shading systems.

Passivhaus Windows by Internorm

Internorm is Europe's leading manufacturer of passive house windows, and are at the forefront of the development of passivhaus window technology. Passivhaus windows are not just about heat-loss but also making use of (and managing) the heat from the sun using solar glass and advanced shading technology.

Passivhaus Installation by Spectrum

Proper installation is essential when it comes to passive house windows. Spectrum have the right experience and our installation teams are fully trained in passivhaus installations. We ensure that they have regular training at Internorm in Austria as well as by other suppliers such as Siga Tapes to ensure that their knowledge and experience is always up-to-date.

A. Non-Certified Windows to Passivhaus standard

High performance passive house windows are an essential part of the Passive House standard. The requirement for Passive House is that the windows must have a Uw value of not more than 0.8 W/(m²K), plus there must be options for solar gain and shading.Many Passive House projects do not require certification and the Passive House building standard can be achieved with non-certified components. Most of our Internorm windows and doors can be specified to Passive House standard which includes a Uw value of 0.8 or less. Speak to one of our technical specialists for advice on choosing passive house windows.

B. Certified Passivhaus Windows

For those who require certification for Passive House, there are a number of Internorm windows with Passive House certification. Please enquire for further information.

Internorm Passive House Certified Windows

StudioHome PureHome SoftAmbiente
Aluminium/Timber with integrated blindHV350HV350HV350HV350
Aluminium/UPVC with integrated blindKV440KV440KV440KV440

Passive House Lift & Slide Doors

The Internorm HS330 lift & Slide door can be specified to passive house standard, with U-values down to 0.68 W/m²K.

The HF330 (passive house standard) is aluminium on the outside, with beautiful warm solid wood on the inside.

Please enquire for information about the specification of the HS330 for passive house.

About Passive House

Passive house (or PassivHaus) is a building standard which requires buildings to use very little energy for heating and cooling. Typically, a Passive House uses just 10% of the energy used by an ordinary house. Solar glazing is used to maximise height gain from the sun and because a Passive House is so well insulated and has so little heat-loss that the sun's rays bplus the heat produced by the occupants, electrical appliances and sunlight can build up enough to keep the building warm. Sophisticated heat-transfer ventilation systems are used to provide fresh air and prevent condensation without losing heat while adaptive shading and ventilation sytems plus good design minimises excess heat in the summer.

Passive House Installation

Installation of Passive House windows is complex should be installed by experienced, trained Passive House installers. If you choose Spectrum for your Passive House project, you can be secure in the knowledge that your windows will be installed by an experienced Passive House installation team.

Passive House Bifolding Doors

The Solarlux SL97 aluminium/timber bi-folding doors can be specified to Passive House standard.

Solarlux have also recently launched some slim-profile aluminium bifold doors to Passivhaus standard.

We are a Solarlux Quality Partner as well as a goldInternorm 1st Window Partner.

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