Curtain Walling

High-performance systems with aluminium and/or timber.
U-values down to 0.8 (Passivhaus)

RAICO Curtain Walling is fabricated to order in our workshop from elements custom made in Germany.

"Curtain walling adds light to a project. It might be a small area over a porch, or a double storey wall, or a huge structure in a commercial project. But whatever the size, it's what makes the outside, part of the building."

RAICO curtain walling at Merchant Taylor's School, Middlesex. Supplied and Installed by Spectrum.

Raico curtain walling at Merchant Taylors School

RAICO Therm+ System

  • Certified by The Passivhaus Institute of Dr. Feist.
  • The execution is especially air-tight (blower-door testing).
  • Certified with triple glazing, argon gas filling and acrylic spacer.
  • Special accessories such as sealing films or connection panels provide an integral execution in passive-house quality.
  • Application in glass curtain wall and glass roof possible.
  • All pressure and cover profiles from the standard systems can be applied.

THERM+ aluminium, steel and timber

RAICO are able to offer passive house certified curtain walling in aluminium, steel and timber/aluminium composite.

We can span heights of up to 6 metres without any intermediate support

The THERM+ Basic System can be updated to a certified passive-house curtain wall by minimal adjustments. Passive houses can thus be equipped with an energy-saving fixed glazing in a generous, cost-effective way – independent from their supporting structure.

Passive-house (Passivhaus) certification based on the newest criteria

The complete curtain wall system THERM+ is certified according to the newest criteria by Passive-House Institute. The comfort criterion in passive-house of UCW = 0.80 W/(m²K) is fulfilled by the mullion-transom curtain wall systems THERM+ A-V and THERM+ S-I coming in system widths 50 and 56 mm, as well as by THERM+ H-V with system widths 50, 56 and 76 mm. All certifications consider the influence of srewing using RAICO’s standard pressure plate screws and RAICO’s special glass carriers made of synthetic.

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