CERO Slim-Profile Sliding Doors by Solarlux of Germany

CERO is an ultra-slim profile all-glass system of frameless-style sliding glass doors and fixed panels that can create double or triple glazed panels up to 15m² or 1000kg each.

Engineered for oversize solutions while still maintaining small profiles.

With its large-scale glazing options (up to 6m tall or wide per panel), CERO is best suited for openings of 3m or more. 

The perfect finishing touch for your Grand Design!


We believe that CERO is the finest slim-profile door in the world. Yes, there are cheaper systems, but nothing can match it in terms of performance, build-quality, finish and style.

If you are looking for a product that exceeds your expectations in every way, then this is it.

This luxury german product is engineered for oversize solutions, which means its is ultra strong with heavy-duty runners and fittings.

CERO achieves exceptional levels of thermal efficiency with class-leading Uw values as low as 0.79 (depending on chosen specification). Class 4 air impermeability, water tightness 9A, sound reduction 43+ dB.

PAS 24 Enhanced Security logoSecurity
Cero is certified to the rigourous European burglar-resistance standard RC2. Cero II also has PAS 24 and both meet Part Q requirements for security.

To fully appreciate the quality of the finish, you really need to come and see it at our showroom. But believe us when we say it is stunning, a real show-stopper. Our showroom Cero is anodised silver, but it also looks great in anthracite grey or any other of the many finishes available.


The CERO won an Iconic Award (Best of Best), the prestigious iF Gold Award ... not to mention winning a German Design Award in the category 'Building and Elements'.Cero award logos

Versatility and Limitless Design Opportunities

Typically as a Solarlux brand, CERO is highly versatile with limitless design possibilities, guaranteeing precision, intelligent technical details, continuous development and technical support. CERO enables doors of up to 15m² surface area, allowing for ceiling-high glazing and is the ultimate glazing option to maximise visible light transmission without compromising on ventilation or views. Triple track doors available.

Open Corners (aka "movable" or "all-glass" corners)

With unrestricted design choice through combinations of fixed and sliding elements and open corner solutions, we can provide endless bespoke solutions for doorways and apertures.


Door profiles are almost entirely amalgamated within the CERO frame using brush seals and sealing lips. The flush integration of the window frame in the wall, ceiling and ground provides a seamless appearance between all facades. The filigree profiles enhance the slim and delicate design for maximum visual appearance and transparency.

Redefine your Vision

CERO glass panels open up rooms and perspectives for designers and architects. CERO technology has the ability to redefine your vision.

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Cero - up to 15m2 per panlel - (max 6m high or 4m wide)

Why Solarlux?

Fully Manufactured in Germany
Solarlux doors are fully manufactured in Germany, complete with frame, doors, glazing and ironmongery. Each door is custom-made to your size and requirements.

High Performance
Solarlux doors are precision engineered to a class-leading standard. They are independently tested to 1200PA (approximately 100 mph) and remain water-tight beyond that. The SL80 has been tested to failure at 3000Pa (a typical tropical hurricane is about 2400Pa).

Thermal Insulation
All Solarlux doors are thermally broken on the whole system, including the threshold. The class-leading U-values are provided on the whole unit, not just the door panels, so that you know exactly what you are getting. U-values range from 1.4 with double glazing down to 0.79 with triple glazing and the best specification.

Solarlux take security very seriously, and all models are tested to the rigorous European RC2 standard. Some models, such as Ecoline, Highline and SL60  also have Secure by Design, a British standard created by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Some manufacturers require evidence of a rigorous maintenance regime to qualify for warranty. Spectrum provide a no-quibble Solarlux-backed warranty. As one of the elite Solarlux 'Active Partners', we are also able to offer an enhanced warranty.

You expect your bifold doors to slide effortlessly from the day one. But you also want them to be equally effortless 10 years later. The stresses on a bifold door are considerable — and only doors engineered to such a high standard will last the distance. Solarlux doors are tested to 20,000 cycles — the equivalent to opening twice a day, every day for 27 years!

Passive House
The Solarlux SL97 has a U-value down to 0.79 and meets the standard for Passive House installations.


We'll do everything we can to make your project our best yet!