Solarlux Glass Extension in the West Pennines

Solarlux 'Wintergarden' glass extension in the West Pennines [20210131]

Solarlux Akzent Plus triple glazed with Ecoline bifold doors.

This is a high-performance, triple glazed glass extension, custom-built in Germany, that is perfectly suited to the exposed West Pennine moors location. Our clients had travelled to see the glass extnsion in our showroom and were impressed by the exceptional quality of the finish. They were worried whether it would be warm enough — but having lived with it through a cold winter (and a hot summer!), it has more than exceeded their expectation. They have practically lived in it, even when the snow was piling up the glass sides. They have talked about how the glass is so efficient that there is no internal condensation and how the glazing is so efficient that the snow doesn't melt against it. They have loved their Wintergarden and it has allowed to really enjoy the unusual views and location throughout the seasons.

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