Impressive Self-Build Home with High-Performance Windows from Internorm

Self-Build Home with High-Performance Windows, Sliding Doors and Entrance Door by Internorm.

A Self-Build Home with High Performance Windows, Sliding Doors and Entrance Door by Internorm

Plus three sets of triple-glazed bifold doors by Solarlux

This impressive home in Wales replaced a much less impressive 1930s house and makes the most of it's wonderful east-ward views across open countryside.

The owners were originally intending to have bifold doors in the large openings to the rear but switched some of them to Internorm HS330 sliding doors to maximise the light and views when the doors are not open. Now they are living there, they are pleased with the decision.

They stuck with two sets of Solarlux Highline bifolds in the covered recess at the rear as they wanted to be able to open them up fully in the summer, creating an outdoor feel to the family living area (kitchen/dining/sitting area) and they have really enjoyed this on warm sunny days.

The windows are flush style Internorm Studio HF410  with triple-glazing and exceptional Uw values of about 0.6 and 0.8.

The amazing front door is a top-of-the-range high security AT410 with a satisfyingly solid feel.

Aluminium & Timber Finishes

The exterior aluminium is all DM02, a medium-dark metallic finish while the wood on the inside is ash with a natural finish.

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