What is a "Pass Door" in a set of Bifolding Doors?

A pass door is a single door in a set of bifold doors which can open independently to the other doors. It usually has a lockable lever handle and can be used as an entrance or back door.

It is still attached to the rest of the set and can be stacked at the end of the frame with the rest of the panels.

It is often at the end of the set, but it can also be in the middle if there are 5 or more panels.

You can only have a pass door where there is an odd number of doors.  The exception to this is where you have a french door configuration within the set. This can be seen in the image at the top of this page.

Talk to one of our team to understand more about configurations to suit your needs.

The pass door in this set is the left door and has a lever handle.

Pass Door

The pass door can be opened independently of the remaining doors

A pass door in an open position

The pass door can be stacked at the end with the other doors.

Bifold doors stacked at one end