Solarlux Acubis Free-standing Glass Room in Leicestershire

Solarlux Acubis Free-Standing Glass Room in Leicestershire

Includes sliding glass panels and electric internal roof blinds.

This Acubis, supplied and expertly installed by ourselves, is part of a renovation of a large custom-built home in Leicestershire with amazing views. The clients wanted something with a wow-factor that would also allow them to get the most of their outdoor time regardless of the weather.

This Acubis is the ultimate in garden luxury. The glass surround allows it to be used in all weathers but the sliding glass panels allow it to be opened up in the summer leaving just the glass roof. The glass protects the patio furniture and, in this case, the spa pools.

An electric internal roof blind as shade in hot weather, but retracts for light when it's not too hot.

The Acubis is made a premium structure custom-made in Germany. It can be attached to the house or freestanding, as in this case. The alumininium can be finished in a variety of colours and textures.


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