Timber-clad Extension with Internorm KS430 Sliding Door


Timber-clad Extension with Internorm KS430 Sliding Doors

Timber-Clad Extension with KS430 Lift-and-Slide Door

Plus Internorm KF410 Tilt-and-Turn Windows

This is an attractive timber-clad extension in which the Internorm windows/door bring extra space, light and views of the garden. The contemporary anthracite-grey aluminium facings of the doors and windows perfectly compliment the natural timber. The sliding door set is aluminium on the outside and premium-quality uPVC with an anthracite grey foil in the inside.

We also made and installed colour-matched aluminium cills, corner post trim and covers for the copings - the perfect finishing touch. All our aluminium pressings are made in-house by Archital, our sister company.

Internorm products used:
KS430  Lift-and-slide doors, anthracite aluminium exterior, anthracite uPVC interior.
KF410  Ttilt/turn windows, 'Home Pure' style, aluminium exterior in Anthracite grey, white uPVC interior.


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