Internorm Ambiente HF210 windows in a country house

Old WindowsThe customer wanted warmer windows and much more light.

These Internorm windows acheived their purpose. The difference in the amount of light coming into the house is enormous and they tell us they've really noticed how much warmer they are than their old timber double glazing.

We like the subtle changes to the aesthetics — the glazing bars combined with the Amibiente style retain the classic period look beautifully but look cleaner, less fussy.

The customer wanted to retain the colour of the door, and we were able to accomodate them with RAL6034 (Pastel Turquoise). The windows are all RAL 1034, Oyster White, a variation of light cream.

  • Internorm Ambiente HF210 windows: timber/aluminium, double-glazed (downstairs).
  • Internorm Ambiente KF200 windows: PVCu/Aluminium, double-glazed (upstairs)
  • Internorm KF200 side entrance door
  • Kastrup (from Internorm) HF110 french doors (timber/aluminium).