A self-build home in Shropshire with a unique story

Internorm windows & doors

Alison's late husband had his heart set on building a new house for their retirement on land at the end of his garden. Sadly David became seriously ill. Before he died, he said to his wife Alison that the house would never be built now. Alison said that wasn't the case... she promised him that she would get that house built! That's exactly what she did and this fine house is the result. At the time of writing, Alison was about to move in.

We first met Alison when she walked into our showroom one morning with her builder. She was looking for a couple of windows for her existing house, but if she was happy with them she would also consider us for a new home she had planned. She (and her builder) was impressed by the quality of our Internorm windows. After being delighted with the service we provided, Alison ordered Internorm windows all round for new build, opting for white UPVC on the inside rather than wood. Outside she chose the textured dark grey aluminium that she'd spotted in the showroom.

The install was straightforward as you'd expect from our experienced team... there was room around the house for our big spider crane to lift the heavy triple-glazed first-floor sliding doors and the full height panels of the central atrium. Alison was very pleased with Spectrum, appreciating our honesty and reliability as well as the quality of the installation.


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