Solarlux Atrium Plus Aluminium/Glass Canopy

Solarlux Atrium Plus Aluminium/Glass Canopy

Includes optional powered blind for shading.

This was a more challenging job than it might at first seem. The client had a single storey rear extension with a low ceiling which is why it has a reverse pitch(i.e. it slopes upwards away form the building). There wasn't much room between the Solarlux bifold doors and the guttering and the client didn't want pillars on the wall. We had to design and fabricate some unique brackets, with the help of the guys at Solarlux Germany. The brackets had to provide enough strength to support the weight — which it achieved — and the client was very pleased.

The canopy included an optional extending electric blind to provide some shade when needed (sorry, we don't have any photos of the blind extended).

A canopy like this provides shelter and shade for your patio allowing you to use it more often and also protects your patio furniture from rain etc.


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