Refurbished Luxury Home in Cheshire with Internorm Windows & Cero Sliding Glass Doors

Refurbished Luxury Home in Cheshire with Internorm Windows & Cero Sliding Glass Doors

High Performance Triple-Glazed Windows.

Dave and Fiona first visited our showroom looking for high-end sliding doors for their extension... and fell in love with everything in our showroom! They were refurbishing and extending their new home and wanted windows and doors that had the quality of finish that would match the level that they were aiming for in their refurbishment. Once they had seen our Internorm windows for themselves, they knew that this was what they wanted for throughout the house. They wanted to stick with a traditional design and we were able to do some mocks ups of different designs on their house using Photoshop.

They originally came in to see the Solarlux Cero sliding doors as they had already seen some other makes. Once they experienced the 'frameless' Cero doors in our showroom they were sold on them, seeing for themselves that they are a cut above other doors. They opted for an open corner, to completely open up the dining area for indoor Al Fresco dining.

Dave & Fiona had been impressed with the modern Acubis canopy in our showroom. During the construction of the extension, they decided that such a canopy would be perfect down the side of the extension, providing a covered area on the patio, sheltered from the rain.

The finished results have delighted the couple. They tell us how much they enjoyed having the big sliding doors open during the summer, and what a talking point the doors have been. They also love the Internorm windows which they think look fantastic, inside and out, and they particularly like the natural ash timber on the inside. They weren't sure about the entrance door when they ordered it but quickly grew to love it once it was in. At the end of the project, they have spoken very highly of all our staff involved, especially the installers who they think did such a fine job.

Products Used:
Internorm Studio HF410 Windows, Triple-Glazed, Uw=0.7. Finish: RAL 7003 Moss Grey Alumnium/ES800 Natural Ash timber.
Internorm XXXX Entrance Door, Uw=0.7.
Solarlux Cero 3 Sliding Doors, triple-glazed Uw=1.1
Solarlux Acubis Canopy


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