Extension with Internorm Windows with an anodised finish

Features glazed links with Raico curtain walling.

This project is a contemporary extension to a refurbished Victorian farm house and was designed by Charlie Luxton from TV's Building the Dream. It was Charlie's choice to have Internorm high-perfomance windows finished in EL02, which is a silver-bronze brushed anodised finish. The extension also includes an Internorm lift-and-slide door. Next to the sliding door is a matching full-height tilt/turn window — the tilt function can provide ventilation without needing to open the sliding door.

Glazed links with Curtain walling

There are two glazed links which are built with custom-made Raico curtain walling in an anodised finish to match. One of the links has a small staircase and the design follows the line if the steps. We supplied and installed anodised trims to edge the glass panels, completing the architectural feature.

Designed by Charlie Luxton Designs


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