Solarlux ACUBIS Glass Room

Contemporary Living

Solarlux SDL Acubis (Free Standing)

Solarlux ACUBIS Glass Room

Contemporary Living


Solarlux SDL Acubis

Non-insulated Flat Canopy Glass Room

Filigree profiles, maximum transparency, perfect for cubic structures: the latest Solarlux product is impressive in terms of both its design and its technology. The new glass canopy was recently presented at the R+T trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany.

The internal structural members of the non-isolated aluminium profile system lend the canopy a breezy elegance. The 2° roof pitch is barely visible to the naked eye, but is enough to ensure that water drains off the canopy perfectly.

The SDL Acubis is available as a stand-alone unit or a solution that can be connected to your house’s existing architecture. And it goes without saying that the new Solarlux flat canopy can be converted into a glass house or augmented with a wide range of accessories, including lighting and shade features.

See It In Our Showroom Soon: we have one on order, we should have it installed in early 2019!

Why Do I Need One?

A non-insulated glass room (aka 'glass canopy') looks a little like a conservatory but it is a very different product. It has a fixed glass roof and glass walls ... but the walls can be completely opened up! The unique slide-and-turn glass panels can all be slid around the track and stacked in one corner (or two if you prefer).

It's hard to explain what's so amazing about this product without experiencing it. Imagine being able to sit out on your terrace throughout the winter. The glass is almost invisible, it feels just like sitting outside. It's not insulated or double-glazed, but even in the winter a little sunshine will warm it up — or cheat and use an infra-red heater! In the summer, you can have it completely open, or if there's a wind, you can close part of it for shelter. Imagine you are sitting with friends and a bottle of something on a pleasant evening ... when it starts getting chilly, just slide around the glass walls and stay where you are!

Plus it protects your outdoor furniture all year round.

It's one of those products that you didn't know you needed but once you have one, you will absolutely love it!!!

Freestanding Glass Room

Solarlux SDL Acubis (Free Standing)

A canopy provides shelter from the elements allowing you to spend longer outdoors, The Acubis can be installed as a freestanding unit providing an eye-catching feature for your garden. Its perfect when you want to be able to use your garden in cooler weather and protect your garden furniture.

Wall-Fixed Glass Room

Acubis, Wall-Fixed

The addition of frameless sliding glass panels can turn your open space into a glass-house in the evening or on cool or windy days, creating a sheltered haven where nature is never far away.

Note: The Glass House provides weather protection and can be very pleasant on a sunny winter's day but it is not thermally insulated. For insulated glass extensions, see the Wintergarden system.

For insulated glass extensions, see Glass Extensions and Wintergardens

With Unique Sliding Glass Panels

SL25 Slide-and-turn glass

SL25 is a system of slide-and-turn glass panels. The panels slide along a single track but can be turned at the end to slide along another track. This allows panels on several sides to be stacked in one corner. Or more than one corner, it's flexible! It's ingenious and always impressive when you see it for the first time.

Solarlux SL-25 Sliding Doors

Video of a Solarlux glass room withstanding extreme winds

Glass Rooms are tested in extreme conditions to make sure they can stand anything that is thrown at them. This video demonstrates how effective they really are.


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