Homebuilding & Renovating ShowPremium German Bifolding Doors by Solarlux.

The use of glass in architecture creates boundaries and facilitates communication between indoors and outdoors.

Create individual living spaces, wide-open and flooded with light, which remove the barrier between inside and out and improve the quality of life and your living space.

Solarlux's innovative glazing solutions made of aluminium, wood or wood/aluminium enable you to achieve sophisticated architecture for both new builds and renovations.

Impressive Solarlux quality

  • Glazing options with sound insulation, sun protection, burglar resistance or self-cleaning features
  • Expansive, barrier-free access to the garden
  • Wide variety of possible designs for perfect integration into your living area
  • Aluminium or wood
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes
  • All Solarlux products are guaranteed "Made in Germany"


Why Solarlux bifold doors?

Fully Manufactured in Germany
They are constructed whole in Germany, complete with frame, doors, glazing and ironmongery, ready-hung for installation. Each door is custom-made to your size and requirements.

High Performance
Solarlux doors are precision engineered to a class-leading standard. They are independently tested to 1200PA (approximately 100 mph) and remain water-tight beyond that. The SL80 has been tested to failure at 3000Pa (a typical tropical hurricane is about 2400Pa).

Thermal Insulation
All Solarlux doors are thermally broken on the whole system, including the threshold. The class-leading U-values are provided on the whole unit, not just the door panels, so that you know exactly what you are getting. U-values range from 1.4 for the standard SL60e with double glazing down to 0.79 for the SL79 with triple glazing (subject to specification).

Solarlux take security very seriously, and all models are tested to the rigorous European RC2 standard. The SL60 and SL80 also have Secure by Design, a British standard created by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Some manufacturers require evidence of a rigorous maintenance regime to qualify for warranty. Spectrum provide a no-quibble Solarlux-backed warranty. As one of the elite Solarlux 'Active Partners', we are also able to offer an enhanced warranty.

You expect your bifold doors to slide effortlessly from the day one. But you also want them to be equally effortless 10 years later. The stresses on a bifold door are considerable — and only doors engineered to such a high standard will last the distance. Solarlux doors are tested to 20,000 cycles — the equivalent to opening twice a day, every day for 27 years!

Passive House
The Solarlux SL97 has a U-value down to 0.79 and meets the standard for Passive House installations.

Explore the Solarlux Bifold Range

Ecoline & Highline

"r.evolution of the bifold door"

Slim-profile bifold doors with minimal threshold and exceptional thermal efficiency

Our standard bifold doors, aluminium inside and out, with a choice of double or triple glazing. Choice of thresholds.

Best U-value: <0.8   (Passivhaus standard)

Solarlux Combiline profile


Aluminium-faced Timber

Timber/Aluminium bifold doors with high thermal efficiency and with a choice of double or triple glazing. Choice of thresholds. 

Best U-value: 1.1 (subject to specification)

Solarlux Woodline profile


Solid Timber

Solid timber bifold doors. The frames have an aluminium core (with thermal break) for exceptional strength and rigidity. Double or triple glazed. Choice of thresholds. High thermal efficiency.

Best U-value: 1.0  (subject to specification)


SL 60e Aluminium. Double or Triple Glazed

Our standard bifold doors, aluminium inside and out, with a choice of double or triple glazing. Choice of thresholds.
Best U-value: 1.1

SL 80 & SL 81 Aluminium. Double or Triple Glazed

Slightly more heavy-duty than the SL 60 and can have wider door panels. Slimmer sightlines and deeper section. Choice of thresholds.
Best U-value: 1.1

SL 70e Aluminium. Double or Triple Glazing

A extra large door which is suitable for large-scale applications — the SL 70 can be specified in heights up to 3.5m.
Best U-value: 1.4

SL 82 Aluminium with Bonded Glass. Double or Triple Glazing

The award-winning SL 82 has an "all-glass" look and appears virtually frameless. In spite of being a mere 8 mm in width, the aluminium surround provides optimal edge protection for the glazing. .
Best U-value: 1.2

SL 67 Timber/Aluminium Double Glazed only

Timber with Alumnium on the outside for weather protection and low-maintenance. Timber provides good levels of thermal insulation..
Best U-value: 1.1

SL 97 Timber/Aluminium Triple Glazed. Passivhaus standard

Our most thermally-efficient bifold door. The SL 97 can be used in passive house projects. Note: thresholds rebated only.
Best U-value: 0.79

SL 66 Timber Double Glazed only

Solid wood on the inside and outside. Available in meranti (a durable hardwood), spruce, pine or oak. Choice of thresholds.
Best U-value: 1.1

SL 78 Timber Triple Glazed as standard

Solid wood on the inside and outside, triple-galzed for thermal performance. Available in meranti (a durable hardwood), spruce, pine or oak. Choice of thresholds.
Best U-value: 1.0


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